Our team have extensive senior management experience across B2C and B2B marketing in the igaming industry, specializing in esports, sports betting,
casino and live casino. Being proficient in both offline and online gaming, the team have strong insight into retail trends and consumer behavior across international markets, both regulated and unregulated.

As a team, we believe in the power of a winning combination of a highly skilled and experienced team and strong brands.
Brands change. They morph. They transform from positions of relative weakness into powerful and compelling winners.
Brands can sweep across the world.

Over the next few years there will be firms who will stand out from the pack. They will be more relevant in their client’s eye.
They will have more power and influence. We aim to make Mobius Interactive Ltd one of these!
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Gary Eldridge

Gary Eldridge

Co-founder and Director:

Entrepreneurial, with a strong knowledge in strategic planning and development for start up companies. Extensive experience in the venture capital and private equity industry.

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Seamus Byrne

Seamus Byrne

VP Business Development

Seamus has raised over C$100 million and driven market caps for public companies with over C$2 billion over the past 8 years. Seamus has had tremendous success and we welcome him onboard.

Social Responsibility

As part of our social responsibility towards our players, we ensure that our players are advised of being GambleAware.

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